Meet The CannaGirls 💚

So, you've totally heard about Indica & Sativa if you are alive & have internet. “Indica puts you in da couch, Sativa sets you up” Right? 


Wrong. #Same The differences between indica and sativa plants are physical only! I repeat the differences between indica and sativa plants are physical only.

Sativa & Indica refer to the SHAPE of the leaves & other physical characteristics, it has ZERO to do with your actual cannabis experience.

And to drive the point home “the last 50 years of cannabis cultivation, crossbreeding has been the name of the game. As a result, there’s virtually no such thing as a “pure” indica or sativa anymore. Every flower you’ve ever come in contact with has most likely been a hybrid of some sort.”

So, now what? The strains you love are still the same but it’s not because it’s sativa or indica but because of its unique terpene & cannabinoid profiles & I’m here to help you understand & make friends with these terpenes!

Okay so you don’t owe me a kiss but I did just drop MAD DATA on you. Cannabinoids & Terpenes are what make the magic of your favorite strains & to make the most of your cannabis experience AND get the most bang for your buck bc you can pick the strains that get you where you want to be every. single. time. Looking for the best strain for pain relief? Maybe you want a strain that’s good for anxiety. Looking for a strain to help you sleep?

Once you understand how terpenes work & how they work together, you can find the #perfect cannabis strains for every situation. Now I’d like to introduce you to the Canna Girls! These fantastic women each represent a terpene & embody each terpene’s unique characteristics & profiles. Cannabis is a science & with science comes power. These women are here to empower you in cannabis & in life by sharing their knowledge, experience & cannabis love. 

Meet Lemi, Myrce, Pinee, Cary & Teri. These bombshells represent the terpenes you encounter most: Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene & Terpinolene. Each terpene has it’s own unique characteristics & when they come together, everything is better. Just like real life! I will be introducing these #cannacuties over the next few weeks & help you get friendly with the terpene lineup!

I’d love to hear your favorite strains. Comment below!

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