Meet Teri ✨ The Friendly One

Hi! I’m CannaGirl918 & I’m here to talk canna magic w you ✨ 

ICYMI: Terpenes are the delectable oils that give your favorite strains their distinct scent AND they help define how those strains of cannabis affect you. Each terpene has its own amazing list of other health benefits too.

There are more than a hundred terpenes in cannabis flowers but we only care about the top 5. Last week I introduced the terpene Myrcene, with my friend Myrcee. She’s the one that helps you chill out but often the credit is given it being a “Indica" & it’s like a whole thing.

Indica & Sativa don’t tell you a damn thing beyond the leaf shape & a few characteristics that the cultivators need to know. IT LITERALLY HAS NO IMPACT ON YOUR EXPERIENCE. N.O.N.E. #Science

TL;DR: Terpenes are the fucking magic of cannabis & you need to learn how to master the power!

Today I’d like to introduce you to Teri, the one that makes everything more fun! 

Teri is like your funkiest friend with a distinct style, a signature scent & a way of making everything more awesome. She’s the friend of a friend that you always love to see. 

You find yourself smiling & laughing more when she’s around. You just feel better being around her. Teri doesn’t try to make herself the life of the party, instead, she’s the one having a dozen great conversations with everyone, connecting people & making them the life of the party along with her 🎉 It's a total superpower she has!

Teri also happens to be a green goddess fr. She can grow anything & is a holistic healing fucking powerhouse. Like she always knows just the herb will help with your back pain, anxiety, migraines & even helping inhibit cancer cell growth.

No one works harder for those she loves. She’s generous with her time & her knowledge, you can always call to ask what will help with your migraine or what to take to sleep.

One thing that never fails to piss her off is when people credit her (& her friends') hard work to some broads named Indica & Sativa. Somehow no matter what she & her girls accomplish, people keep overlooking them but she knows their time is coming.

Alone, she’s a force but with her friends, she is literally unstoppable.

Terpinolene is the least common dominant terpene but its scent signifies some of your faves including, Dutch Treat, XJ -13 & Golden Pineapple. Its scent is more complex than the other terpenes with a complex piney, floral, herbaceous, citrus-y scent. #Complex

While the scent may be most notable, it’s usually part of the entourage effect for that strain, rarely the highest terpene volume *We’ll talk about the entourage effect once you meet all the girls! 

Its uses are as varied as it’s fragrance: antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antibacterial & aids with sleep & inhibits cancer cell growth. It’s also a known sedative & sleep aid. Studies show it may also reduce the risk of heart disease plus the whole inhibiting cancer cells thing.
For real, it can even lower cholesterol 😳 Canna is so fucking cool.

So if you want to chill with my girl Teri check out the following high Terpinolene strains

Drop your favorite strains below! We'd love to smoke it!
Stay safe & stay elevated bbs! 💨 

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