Meet Lemi ✨ The Bubbly One

Today you're going to meet the last CannaGirl, Lemi, but first I wanted to explain what this project means to me. I’m a canna fan obvs & I work in marketing so when Leafly offered a certified budtender workshop in OKC, I was in. Cannabis + Learning + Science = Magic for me & for my clients.
What I learned blew my mind. I knew about terpenes before but not enough to make them work for me. They had experience stations where you could smell samples of these terpenes & also headphones where you could listen to soundtracks that reflected the vibe of a specific terpene. Terpenes are what create the head change & vibe we've been crediting to indica & sativa! 

Terpenes are a gamechanger. They make your cannabis work for you the right way every. single. time. No luck. No guessing. No wasted money. It literally changed the way I use cannabis & I wanted to help other women do the same. We use cannabis for ourselves but many women are also caregivers for family or patients & are learning how THC can be part of a variety of treatment plans. I wanted all women to feel empowered when they walk into a dispensary to ask for what they want & know that it will do what they expect every single time. 

Since canna is already a girl, I thought how rad would it be for each terpene to be a girl as well with her own energy & look, just like the terpenes themselves. AAAnnnnnddddd what if these terpene characters were inspired by MY favorite strong women.

Myrcee is inspired by my bff. She’s my same-sex life partner & I think of her like a little sister. She's kind, creative & the best friend I could ask for.

Teri is inspired by a woman that’s blazed her own way & hasn’t had to torch others to do it. She wants everyone to feel included & she makes everything a bit more fun.

Cary is inspired by Teri’s wife. She’s small but mighty, a hard worker & the first one to tackle the to-do list. Her career paths resound with her orderly nature & she’s a methodical problem solver.

Pinee is inspired by a friend of mine that I met 7 long years ago. She has many roles & her dedication to her family & her passion for her art were the perfect pairing for a focus forward terpene. 

So now, let's meet Lemi.

Lemi is the bubbly one. She's bright, sparkly & always a little upbeat. She's the one you can count on to organize a car wash to pay off your parking ticket, to bake cupcakes for your birthday & she still sends handwritten mail & Lemi is like your sweetest friend. She gives great hugs & thoughtful gifts. Being around here just makes you feel a bit better about life.

She's the one always sharing DIY projects & local events to check out. She seems to always be on the go and is always up for an adventure. One of the great things about having such bubbly friend is she helps take the edge off your anxiety when you do go out by leading with a smile, holding your hand & helping you ease into it 

Lemi is also a total foodie--she loves delicious sweets and handcrafted treats and is always ready for the next edible adventures. She's the perfect dinner date for anything from food trucks to four-star dining & everything in between.

While Lemi is known for her sweet demeanor, she has launched an offense against the ideas of indica & sativa. Judging cannabis by its leaf shape is like judging a woman by her body shape. Both are just wrong.

Lemi enjoys a solo adventure but She's most herself when she's with her friends, fighting the good fight for cannabis knowledge & destroying outdated stereotypes. 

Limonene is responsible for the citrusy, lemony taste, and smell of strains like Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel & Lemon Skunk. These strains are ideal for boosting energy & reducing anxiety & stress. Limonene isn’t always presenting, even when it’s potent, so ask for test results to be sure.

In addition to its antifungal & antibacterial properties, it also helps relieve heartburn and gastric reflux. Limonene also improves the absorption of other terpenes and chemicals by way of the skin, mucous membranes, and digestive tract. She's such a little helper. If you’re looking for strains high in Limonene, give one of these a try:

Banana OG
Berry White
Black Cherry Soda
Quantum Kush
Strawberry Banana
Tahoe OG
Wedding Cake
White Fire OG

What are some of your favorite strains? Drop them in the comments!

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  • Peggy Melton

    Love this blog & thank you for making it easier to understand. ❤

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