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Meet Lemi ✨ The Bubbly One

Today you're going to meet the last CannaGirl, Lemi, but first I wanted to explain what this project means to me. I’m a canna fan obvs & I work in marketing so when Leafly offered a certified budtender workshop in OKC, I was in. Cannabis + Learning + Science = Magic for me & for my clients. What I learned blew my mind. I knew about terpenes before but not enough to make them work for me. They had experience stations where you could smell samples of these terpenes & also headphones where you could listen to soundtracks that reflected the vibe of a specific terpene. Terpenes are what create the head change & vibe we've been crediting to indica & sativa!  Terpenes are a...

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Meet Pinee ✨ The Focused One

I’m CannaGirl918 & I’m here to help you gain control over your canna experience by understanding the red hot science behind your favorite strains! Did you know judging cannabis as by indica or sativa is the same as judging a woman by her body type. Indica & sativa don't tell you ANYTHING about...

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