Do I Want Flower? Dabs? Distillate? 🤯

Hellooooo dear elevated reader. If you’ve been here before you have met the CannaGirls: Myrcee, Teri, Cary, Pinee, & Lemi. You also learned that indica & sativa are the same thing AND judging cannabis by its leaf shape is like judging a woman based on her body shape. 

Before we dig into the entourage effect & how these amazing women work together, I wanted to sidestep to talk about THC forms. Many canna fans started by smoking flower but now we have so many sources available, it can be a bit confusing to know what to do. If smoking is no longer an option, what's a girl to do?! 

Let’s talk THC formats, mmmk?? I can drown you in tons of science about molecular structure & extrication, but do you care? I mean, like really care? It’s okay not to. We somehow fooled ourselves into thinking we need to be experts about everything but what if we just become experts on our own lives? So, to that point, let’s focus on YOU & how you can master your canna experience today.

I don’t really drink anymore but it seems alcohol analogies work well when it comes to cannabis so let's roll with that~

We’ll start with flower which is a lot like drinking beer. Like you can totally binge on it & there are high volume options but overall, it’s a pretty mellow approach to a head change.

Smoking flower--sure it's super cool at but it's not always ideal when you have to ya know, not reek. It has a super strong smell AND the effects wear off rather quickly if you’re using it for pain management or anxiety relief. So...what's a girl to do.... #ThankUNext

Next up is vape pens. These are made with distillate so they are high THC with no terpenes to speak of. Think of it like drinking wine. Potent but you can pace yourself…& if you don’t you will end up with a headache. Vape pens are high THC. We have vape pens, you can buy a single use pen or cartridges for your rechargeable battery. Super convenient & minimal smell. Great for micro-dosing discreetly. 

Now let's talk dabs. Think of them like vodka shots. Super powerful in a small package. Dabs can be harder on the lungs & can also be super smoky. Dab pens let dose discreetly & dab rigs let you power puff in a single hit. There are lots of options for dab tools but it’s all the same result, mega THC content in a single hit. 

Last up, distillate--the champagne cocktail of the canna world! Distillates are scentless, colorless & tasteless. They are the most common base for edibles & for vape cartridges. The great thing about distillate is it lets you turn any food into an edible! Distillates come in an easy to use syringe & are super thick. My favorites come in 1000mg which is a hella great deal when you think about how expensive edibles are. Distillate also lets you very deliberately dose, whether you want to add 20mg to a cup of tea or 250mg in a batch of cookie dough. Distillates are super versatile & my favorite way to dose. Distillates do not include the precious terpenes I love so much but you can add terpenes & you can also take in terpenes on their own.

There are tons of great sources out there to help you understand dosing & to discern the difference between the various kinds of concentrates but let's focus on you okay? What are you trying to achieve with cannabis? Let's talk about your needs & how was can layer formats of THC to get you where you need to be! Comment below so send a private question thorough the contact form! 

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