How To Decarb Cannabis 💨

Hello canna fans! Have you ever thought, "Wow this is delicious but it would be even better if it were an edible?" OF COURSE! who hasn't? 
I'm actually such an edibles fan, literally, everything I cook is elevated. I make cannabutter, canna olive oil, & canna coconut oil so everything I make can be elevated. I'm also a huge fan of thc distillate but here talking flower right now.
When you've bought those $20 cookies & $40 cannabutter, you've probably thought how much cheaper it would be to make your own edibles, right?

Uh yeah! Those $20 single-serve cookies are delish but damn #pricey & also what about something more savory like an elevated Chex Mix? It really is so much more cost-efficient (& if you enjoy cooking--way more fun too) when you do it yourself.

There are a few ways to make your edibles. If you live in a legal state, you can pop into a dispensary & pick up a distillate syringe & add it to whatever you want: food, drinks, snack on its own...whatever. I love distillate, it's the cannabis extract, stripped of all materials and compounds except one specific cannabinoid-THC.

Distillate is the base ingredient of most commercial edibles as well as vape cartridges and typically lacks any flavor, taste, or aroma though some brands are more planty than others. The clearer the distillate, the less weedy it tastes 😋 

This potent cannabis oil can be used on its own or infused & since it comes in 1000mg syringes, it's easy to dose accurately no matter what.

So what is you aren't in a legal state or maybe you prefer the classic cannabutter recipes? Then flower is your BFF but you have to decarb that sexy mess before it will do anything for you. 

Decarboxylation is a sexi science words for a chemical reaction that make cannabis edibles potent. Why do you need to decarb? By heating your cannabis slowly at a low heat, the THCA, which isn’t psychoactive, is converted into the THC we know and love.

Since cannabis typically contains THCA instead of THC before it’s heated or smoked, decarbing is an essential step when processing cannabis for edibles. 
The regular cooking process typically isn’t enough to decarb cannabis fully, and it won’t happen naturally in your stomach. 

If you grow or you have friends that do, edibles are a great way to use the trim. 
Decarbing & cooking is also a super way to use up a strain that's seedy or otherwise meh. Decarbing is super easy, you just want to keep an eye on it & be sure not to over bake it. It does make your entire house smell like a hella good party so there's that.

Before you get started, you need to know that depending on how much you are baking, it may take longer. This is approximate for one ounce of cured canna. 
As it bakes it will develop a toasty, nutty smell & turn a golden color, keep an eye on it. Now grab your parchment paper, cookie sheet & a packed bong to bake while you bake 💨 

Really guys, it's that easy.
Crumble. Bake. Make Magic.

Your cannabis is now ready to infuse your coconut oil, butter, olive oil or tincture!

What's your favorite edible? 😋